Admission Criteria

The MNR – Scottsdale School provides quality education for children of all nationalities aged 3- 15 years old.

Admissions Information for the current academic year 2014-15

We encourage parents wishing to enroll their child at MNR Scottsdale, to contact our Admissions Office regarding seats available in all grades. Your enquiry regarding admission for new students is important to us, therefore, please contact our Prinicipal/Head Mistress.

Following are some of the procedures and policies which you should be aware of, when applying for admission of your child in MNR – Scottsdale. Placement of Kindergarten and Primary Students is based on an age basis.

  • Nursery – Above 2+ years
  • LKG – Above 3+ years (As on 31st August)
  • UKG – Above 4+ years (As on 31st August)
  • Class 1 or above follows the above age criteria.

The child who is enrolling from Class 1 onwards must produce relevant Academic documents from his/her previous school. If a child is not having any official document for the Primary class, please request the previous school a letter indicating the year(s) the student attended that school. When necessary, the Principal and Head Mistress of Campus will discuss an application before acceptance or class level is determined. Secondary students may be required to take one or more placement tests in various subjects. These assessments are designed to assist us in making an accurate placement of your child into our programme.

Application Process
Initial Visit

  • This will include a tour of the school building and grounds and a chance to meet with the Principal/ Head Mistress to discuss application process, fees etc and to answer any queries.
  • You are invited to interact with our teachers to gain knowledge about the teaching methodologies followed here.
  • At this time we will discuss with you the particulars of your child’s application.

Admissions Procedure Checklist

This checklist will assist you in completing the application process. Prior to confirmation of the student’s admission in MNR – Scottsdale, the applicant must submit to the Admissions Office the required documents and payments should be followed.

  • Parents must fill in the registration form.
  • A completed Admission form with following documents -
    • Parent has to submit official copies of academic records from previous school.
    • 2 recent passport size photos of a child.
    • Photocopy of Date of birth certificate.
    • Full contact details – landline and mobile numbers of both parents.
    • Related caste certificate should be produced, if required.


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