Foreign Faculty

ebru alkan

As a French teacher at MNR Scottsdale School, It’s my priority to expose students to different cultures as we become a more globalized society. I have deep abiding love and respect for the teaching profession and INDIA. I am extremely happy to be working for an organization that inspires learning growth and creativity and challenges students to rise to their full potential in a warm and caring learning environment.

Ms. Ebru Alkan
French faculty

bator kebe

I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I have worked hard to ensure the children have a great learning environment to complement the French curriculum, and then I see the children repeating things they’ve learned to their parents – or to others, imitate my accent and enjoy the language. Their learning and enjoying the language is my reward.

Ms. Bator Kebe
French Language faculty

tamsin fisher

The philosophy of learning rests on the premise that “by reflecting on our experiences, we construct our own understanding of the world we live in” (Constructivism, 1998). The learning process focuses on primary concepts, allowing the learner to comprehend the whole rather than just memorizing isolated parts/facts. With this principle I love to help students move toward the goal of becoming independent and proficient language users.

Ms. Tamsin Elizabeth Fisher
English Language Development faculty

julia gerasimenko

A special moment that means a lot to me is when I overheard a small group of children discussing a topic that we were learning. I stood back and thought “they really are listening” and “I really did get through to them.” That is a moment that makes me feel like I had a positive impact on their learning life. I love to make learning fun for children everyday but still challenging. Children give me energy and make me feel so much more alive. I hope that every child that enters my classroom, I somehow affect their life positively.

Ms. Julia Iurjevna Gerasimenko
English Language Development faculty

maria voievodina

Every individual is born with its own characteristics and capacities, which when further exposed to the society, is polished as Personality. Personality development grooms an individual and helps him to be confident and smart, who is appreciated and respected wherever he goes. It goes a long way reducing stress and conflicts and helps to develop a positive attitude in life. I recognized that my love towards kids and enthusiasm with great positive attitude for new teaching learning strategies was the benchmark by which I could make an effective change in kid’s personalities.

Ms. Maria Voievodina
Personality development faculty


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