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MNR – Scottsdale shows lot of concern towards children’s hygiene and health. Time to time we conduct workshops to bring awareness in parents and children regarding health issues. We are partners with IDF, and believe in bringing awareness in various health issues. We ensure that all the classrooms and washrooms are clean and tidy. If a child has an accident in school, we will administer First Aid as needed. In the case of emergency, the parent/carer will be informed as soon as possible.


Discipline is not about beating and forcing the child to change his attitude, but it is to bring in understanding in child regarding the various hazards in wrong behavior. We strictly follow the rule of – NO CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. Discipline develops through interest and we believe in imparting quality education to child. We implement strategies to ensure positive learning opportunities for all the students. Students and staff works together to acknowledge student’s disciplined behavior which meets the expectations of our community. Involves staff, students and parents in decisions about how student behavior will be managed.

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